Here you can submit your request for a tattoo project.

Before you start with the form, make sure you read all the information below.
General Information
I take bookings no more than two months in advance.

You need to be at least 18 years old.

What I do
  • Create original artwork for your skin
  • Black and white works, sometimes with colour elements
  • Both large and small pieces
  • Cover ups *
  • Works on scars. Scars need to be fully healed - at least for 1.5 years *

What I don’t do
  • Correct work by others, however, I do cover ups
  • Work on damaged skin or fresh scars
  • Create drawings based on tattoos or tattoo designs by other tattooists
  • Tattoo my drawings more than once (unless it’s a matching tattoo)
  • Work on private parts

Tell me as much as you can about your project. Think about its mood, story, dynamics, and its position on the canvas that is your body.

If you are uncertain about your idea but really want a tattoo from me, please take some time to think and come to me with at least a brief idea, mood, or where on your body you would like it. There is always room for a discussion (・ω・)b

You can also pick one of my available flash designs. You can find them in my Instagram highlights FLASH BOOK and on our studio website Resident Creative Digital Studio.

If you have any reference images, please add them too.
It can be an illustration of a character that you like, a photo of a garment, or a painting of a landscape. Avoid any pictures of tattoo works or tattoo designs by other artists.

What’s next?
After you submit your request please be patient and allow some time for me to process and respond to your request. If there is no response for more than two weeks please follow up!

If I accept your project, I’ll get back to you with all the information regarding the booking and any follow up questions.

Once everything is sorted, you’ll need to make an advance payment for the drawing and we’ll find a date for your appointment.
A few days prior to your appointment I’ll send you a draft sketch of your design so you can see the composition of all elements. At this point you can suggest some changes. I only ever show the final drawing in person on the appointment day.

* If it’s freehand there is usually no draft sketch
Sometimes I only work with a draft sketch and finalize the drawing already on canvas i.e. your skin.
The best thing you can give your artist is your trust.

What if my project is declined?
I may decline a project. This can be for a number of reasons, for example, the subject or the style is something that I simply don’t do.
In such cases I am certain it’s possible to find an artist who will take this project and work on it with love and passion. If I know a suitable artist, who I think is the better fit for your project, I’ll always recommend them.