Original art prints to adorn your home
What is a gicleé print? 
A gicleé print is the highest quality digital print, made with special pigmented ink on archival quality material - 100% cotton paper, canvas, linen rag. Such prints can last from 60 to about 200 years. It’s closer to a real piece of art than a regular print.
What is a regular print? 
A regular print is a digital print made with dye-type ink. I always choose the best quality paper available for my prints, however it doesn't last as long as a gicleé print. It’s a great, inexpensive way of decorating your walls.
What is the main difference between gicleé and regular print? 
First of all, it’s the lifespan of a print. Giclee prints will last longer than a regular print. 
I have my regular prints done on a high quality thick paper but without long lasting archival properties. They are still high quality prints but more affordable to produce, whereas gicleé prints are more expensive to produce and have a higher value.

What is a limited edition print?
A limited edition print will only have a limited run of copies. After the print is sold out, it will not be reprinted. Each print is numbered, signed and stamped.
What is an open edition print?
An open edition print has no specified limit to the number of copies. However, open edition prints may be discontinued, depending on demand and other factors.
All prints come stamped and numbered unless specified otherwise.
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